Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Return of the Redhead

Sounds like a bad, B movie, doesn't it?

Well, Angela as a guest is nothing but an A+ in our eyes as her third trip to the S/V Thin Line continued our "bout" of company.

Due to some last minute planning and not our first choice of flight times, she arrived late on a Monday night during her Spring Break...or perhaps it was early Tuesday morning? Jeff went in to retrieve her from the docks and we got her settled for the night.

The next morning, we all luxuriated by sleeping late. Once awake, it was tea and bagels in the cockpit which eventually progressed to mango mimosas and conversational catching up. With good tunes playing and dolphins frolicking in the background, that's pretty much all we did all day long. We love lazy days on the boat just floating around with a light breeze and lots of sunshine. The Italians have a name for this lackadaisical state of mind: dolce far niente - the sweetness of doing nothing. I do believe they are on to something.

For dinner, we dinghied over to the newly re-opened Dockside where we ate blackened dolphin and key west pinks.

The next day was somewhat similar as we basked in the sun and did very little else. The mimosas were peach this time around and we had an afternoon snack of brie melted to gooey deliciousness and topped with a sweet fig spread.

The evening found us at Marathon Boat Yard for a campfire with our friend, Joe, and then a harrowing, high speed dinghy ride [with Joe as our driver] to Castaway's for some sushi.

Thursday was another day of abject languid-tivity.
I know it's not a word, but it should be.

But we had to eat sometime since the day passed us by without us bothering to whip up the tasty treat I had planned for lunch, so Thursday evening found us at Porky's to catch Dan Sullivan performing and dinner was Sebastian Inlet Clams and lobster bisque.

Friday morning rolled around and Jeff had to go to work.
Angela and I set out in the dinghy for the beach in the mid-AM and then headed into the mangroves of Whiskey Creek for some much-needed shade. The mimosas today were apricot mango accompanied by apricot pastries as we sat in the peace and utter stillness of Boot Key...disturbed only by the creepy, crustaceans that call the mangroves their home.

Look closely...
There were at least 3 mangrove crabs on the branch we tied up to...none of which were apparent on our arrival.

When we'd had our fill of quietude [and crustaceanal creepiness], we ventured back on over to Dockside for a quick nibble of lunch and then we were land-bound. We had souvenirs to buy and a rental car to pick up. We decided since it was Angela's last evening to spend on the boat, we'd just have a simple supper at home, watch the sunset, and turn in early...she would have to leave marathon by 2am in order to make her early morning flight. We made a quick stop at Keys Fisheries for some more seafood, and while Angela procured a car, I went to the grocery to gather the rest of the supplies for dinner. Tonight's menu would feature steamed shrimp and lobster mac and cheese.

Back at the marina, we...or as the picture shows - I - hauled all our newly bought provisions to the dinghy and then to the big boat.

Everything was all settled and my mac and cheese was prepped and in the fridge by the time Jeff got home from work.

Shortly afterward, company pulled up to the boat.

On our way through the harbor earlier, I had noticed the arrival of our friends, Mike and Carey - both retired from the Los Angeles Police Department, on the sailing vessel Carey Anne and we had invited them over for a sunset cocktail.

Carey and Angela kept me company while I steamed some shrimp for an appetizer and Mike and Jeff chatted in the cockpit.

The shrimp were tender, sweet, and delicious sprinkled with Old Bay and dipped in melted butter.

Mike and Carey headed back to their boat once it was dark, and then it was time for the lobster mac and cheese. Melted to creamy, cheesy perfection this dish is certainly a lesson in decadence. That was exactly what Angela needed to put her right to sleep and topped off her last evening on a savory note.

Getting up at 1:15 am to roust my guest and get her to shore was certainly not the highlight of the visit, but I saw her off on her way and then headed back to bed.
Next time...and there will be a next time, better flight arrangements will have to be made.