Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Latest

Here's a quick update just to get you up to speed on life on the S/V Thin Line...

First off, we are currently located at the Marathon Boat Yard to get a little warranty work on the paint job. The non-skid that was recently applied to the decks just wasn't very non-skiddy, and had to go. You can see us there in the middle in this cool aerial pic. ~~~~>
[Photo by Tina LoSacco]

The dog has been enjoying his boatyard experience and being able to get off the boat anytime he wants to hit dry land...perhaps, a little too much.  We've had to take precautions so Janus doesn't use his new found freedom to ditch us in the middle of the night.

Our boatyard picnic table

We've had a pretty good time in the yard as well.
We've had parties and cook outs complete with corn-hole matches...try that on a boat!
A variety of friends have come to visit and we've been fortunate enough to have a chef as a neighbor, so many good meals have been cooked, served, and shared.

[And the AC at night is nothing to complain about either!]

In the meantime, the dinghy has gone through a major rehabilitation with lots of sanding, removal of rotten wood, new fiberglass, and a new color scheme.
Rotten wood removed out of corner.
It's practically bullet-proof now!
A lot of sanding...

Boatyard Dog!

Dolphin and Rooster detail

Palm Tree and Dog Paw detail

We should be out of the boatyard with any luck on August the first and, weather/temperature pending, either back on the mooring ball or at the seawall at City Marina.

Jeff on his way to the "Office."

And we hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July!